Going green is easier than you think!

In an effort to clean up my food intake and lower my caloric intake…Ive gone back to trying to get in at least one great green smoothie per day.   My go-to is Kale, 1/2 of a cuke, Kiwi and Wheat grass powder along with a dropper-full of chlorophyll and now a scoop of wheatgrass powder and a scoop of my Vega-Brand plant based protein powder.   It really tastes great and the Vega brand powder has no soy or whey……easily digested.

wgrass powder

I know there is a big debate on wheatgrass fresh vs powdered.   As I read on thesuperfoods.net:

Wheatgrass helps to build blood since the high quantities of chlorophyll (70% of total content) mimics that of blood hemoglobin.  The difference is that hemoglobin contains iron and chlorophyll contains magnesium. The presence of chlorophyll means that wheatgrass can help build RBC, destroy carbon dioxide, dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow and improve enzyme system functioning and promote higher metabolism.

Wheatgrass improves energy and alkalizes blood.

Wheatgrass is a complete protein.

( I’m using Amazing Grass Green Food Blend….found at Whole Foods)

The immune system also gets a boost from wheatgrass and it helps fight various common infections.  So clearly incorporating wheatgrass into your daily diet can provide these and other health benefits.

So, consuming your daily requirement can heal the body of various illnesses, flush out toxins, boost immune system and even protect the body from harmful carcinogens.

However, there are is no solid scientific research to back which one – wheatgrass powder or fresh wheatgrass juice is better in terms of health benefits.

It seems that it is more about choice and convenience (powder for example is easy to store and lasts longer). click here for full article: thesuperfoods.net/wheatgrass/

I’m feeling great since incorporating it into my diet.

To make sense of the caloric intake…I do need to eliminate the sugar & cream from any coffee that I decide to have….since my morning GREEN POWER SHAKE is supposed to replace those empty calories in my creamed and sugared java!!

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