Talk about inspiration…..Roni Rocks

fire flies

So as I was skating around other blogs and interesting websites to see what other people who have been successful in “going public” with their weight loss journeys have done and I found ……………………………   You have to visit.

Roni is amazing and has several engaging and useful spots to land: and

She is one of the regular “go-to-places” each day for me now!



About nancy50in120

I'm 48, I own my own businesses, I have a daughter and a fantastic husband. My current goal: I want to lose 50 pounds in 120 days..and in the process find a path to less stress and more daily organization...And?
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2 Responses to Talk about inspiration…..Roni Rocks

  1. anna says:

    Hey Nancy, I love Roni too. Like you I am early in a weight loss/ healthy living blog. Maybe we can cheer each other on 🙂

    • nancy50in120 says:

      Awesome! OK I visited your blog. Do cut yourself some slack girl…isn’t your baby like 3 months old? Mine is 8 YEARS old! 🙂 Ill sty in touch ( I didn’t see a spot to follow you…sorry if I missed it. Thank you!!!!

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