Can I really have a Plateau at the start??

start road

No lie – I am freaking out.   I am thinking…. I may have started the impossible again.  The “all or nothing” in me strikes again…That is actually what I usually say to myself.  But frankly – I have NOT BEEN  all or nothing this time around..  I have been lots of on track…I have been channeling Roni Noone  with #WYCWYC all over the place.   I’m  sorry but  I’m venting.   But I need a kick start.  The cleanse…???  Maybe I need to also look at some of my other goals…the meditation etc is as important…maybe it is more tied in than I want to believe it is.    HMMMMM.




About nancy50in120

I'm 48, I own my own businesses, I have a daughter and a fantastic husband. My current goal: I want to lose 50 pounds in 120 days..and in the process find a path to less stress and more daily organization...And?
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