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Can I really have a Plateau at the start??

No lie – I am freaking out.   I am thinking…. I may have started the impossible again.  The “all or nothing” in me strikes again…That is actually what I usually say to myself.  But frankly – I have NOT BEEN  … Continue reading

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So this is my first weigh in….Wow It is daunting but Im still motivated…

So I officially added my weight on my Goals Page in the  Weight Log.  As you can see I GAINED.  I GAINED?????How is this possible?   I am frustrated but some how not scared off. Being so far in and … Continue reading

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Going green is easier than you think!

In an effort to clean up my food intake and lower my caloric intake…Ive gone back to trying to get in at least one great green smoothie per day.   My go-to is Kale, 1/2 of a cuke, Kiwi and Wheat … Continue reading

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