Can I really have a Plateau at the start??

start road

No lie – I am freaking out.   I am thinking…. I may have started the impossible again.  The “all or nothing” in me strikes again…That is actually what I usually say to myself.  But frankly – I have NOT BEEN  all or nothing this time around..  I have been lots of on track…I have been channeling Roni Noone  with #WYCWYC all over the place.   I’m  sorry but  I’m venting.   But I need a kick start.  The cleanse…???  Maybe I need to also look at some of my other goals…the meditation etc is as important…maybe it is more tied in than I want to believe it is.    HMMMMM.



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So this is my first weigh in….Wow It is daunting but Im still motivated…

So I officially added my weight on my Goals Page in the  Weight Log.  As you can see I GAINED.  I GAINED?????How is this possible?   I am frustrated but some how not scared off.

Being so far in and without that many pounds off the body……I’m still hopeful.  I measured my waist and my thighs per the directive of my new Pilates instructor…thank goodness.  Because I actually did loose 1/2 inch off my waist.  My clothes seem less tight…but wow not a single pound!


Maybe I should stop talking about a cleanse and start one….stay tuned.

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Going green is easier than you think!

In an effort to clean up my food intake and lower my caloric intake…Ive gone back to trying to get in at least one great green smoothie per day.   My go-to is Kale, 1/2 of a cuke, Kiwi and Wheat grass powder along with a dropper-full of chlorophyll and now a scoop of wheatgrass powder and a scoop of my Vega-Brand plant based protein powder.   It really tastes great and the Vega brand powder has no soy or whey……easily digested.

wgrass powder

I know there is a big debate on wheatgrass fresh vs powdered.   As I read on

Wheatgrass helps to build blood since the high quantities of chlorophyll (70% of total content) mimics that of blood hemoglobin.  The difference is that hemoglobin contains iron and chlorophyll contains magnesium. The presence of chlorophyll means that wheatgrass can help build RBC, destroy carbon dioxide, dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow and improve enzyme system functioning and promote higher metabolism.

Wheatgrass improves energy and alkalizes blood.

Wheatgrass is a complete protein.

( I’m using Amazing Grass Green Food Blend….found at Whole Foods)

The immune system also gets a boost from wheatgrass and it helps fight various common infections.  So clearly incorporating wheatgrass into your daily diet can provide these and other health benefits.

So, consuming your daily requirement can heal the body of various illnesses, flush out toxins, boost immune system and even protect the body from harmful carcinogens.

However, there are is no solid scientific research to back which one – wheatgrass powder or fresh wheatgrass juice is better in terms of health benefits.

It seems that it is more about choice and convenience (powder for example is easy to store and lasts longer). click here for full article:

I’m feeling great since incorporating it into my diet.

To make sense of the caloric intake…I do need to eliminate the sugar & cream from any coffee that I decide to have….since my morning GREEN POWER SHAKE is supposed to replace those empty calories in my creamed and sugared java!!

Image result for no coffee images


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I have to share my ‘before shot’…….AGAIN!

I weigh-in this weekend. ( I decided to weigh in every 2-3 weeks or so….for now! ) And I need to put my “before”shot in.    Cant be vain – have to be real.  …Heavier than when I started this endeavor the last time.  This was taken March 6  ……as we were paddle boarding – I was shocked that it was me in the picture. I don’t like the mean girl coming out to make me feel bad about myself…..but I don’t like the way I look.  I look unhealthy….and older than I feel. This is my before this time around

March 6 –  2016 – Before

before march 6

Then below  is 14  days in...let’s face it ..I’m trying to hide most of it…But I don’t imagine myself looking this unhealthy in my minds eye…I know I could feel much healthier with less weight on my frame. And really..I should be wearing a much better bra…:)

March 20-2016 …………2 weeks in

10 days in 2.5 pounds down

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some pounds ( I’m trying to weigh-in every few weeks…but I may have to change that if I don’t hit close to my target  on my first weigh-in this weekend).

We will see  ….

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Per my newer and improved list of goals this time around I did want to incorporate Pilates into some sort of routine.   I called around and found one instructor that was willing to take on my beginner lessons at 6:00 AM….Denise is wonderful and an inspiration.   I’ve only had three lessons – one being all about bench marks… my bench is pretty low right now….  But I feel longer and tighter and straighter after just three sessions.   LOVE IT!!   Two days a week.  The investment pushes me to “stay on track with clean food” .  Of course the benefit will hopefully keep me on track…but for now…what ever motivation keeps me moving in the right direction.


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Roni Noone is the real deal…

As Ive tried to do this a few times…now on my third “organized shot” in the last two years to truly drop some seriously unhealthy  extra poundage…..I always find myself visiting Roni’s website.  She really did challenge herself and  made it happen. I’m still  on the journey…she is there…and always offering  ways to make it easier for others.

One of the things that I love are her recipes.  I’m so trying this one on Sunday! YUM!!

I love Brussels sprouts.. I love Bacon and I love Potatoes…it’s  likely perfect all together  with some scrams…See her recipe below….



I try to remember Roni’s:   WYC WYC :     “Do What you can… when you can….”

Thank you Roni!!!

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Three’s a charm????

SO Yes.. I’m  back.  Not sure if anyone is listening. But it still helps to post.

I have been a year plus with lots of fluctuation.  No real commitment to change. Then with a few health issues – I got real about nutritional deficiencies….the need to get more exercise and getting back to truly taking care of myself.

So her I sit again – Starting over…a third time….but positive. Ill load the stats…and start again.

Ill share and hope that  someone will join me in losing 50 pounds.




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WEEK ONE…success….albeit tiny


So one week in and I’ve lost  1.2  pounds.    I’ll post my weight each Sunday on my WEIGHT LOG.  I’ll post my actual weight right  there next to the goal  I have projected for that week. So my take on this amount lost in week number one: not enough but a start…..


I need to seriously tweak the sugar intake…calories are calories, and I still need to keep the fats down.    I’m thinking I immediately eliminate any cheese except for feta occasionally.  OK a good small step  I was sucking on organic peppermints…tons of sugar…Ill quit that too.

So the food journal doesn’t lie ( unless I lie to the app…which I wont do, I promise) .  In looking at the summaries… I need to eliminate calories from snack foods like popcorn.  Kind of empty as far as real  nutrients.  Ok another good small step.


I’ll shoot for 4 days this week.  Real Fitness Sarasota…a Cross Fit location is about the easiest way for someone who is serious about getting fit to spend an hour and truly get a fantastic workout under their belt. So I’m committing myself to 3 days this week . With the Thanksgiving  holiday this week….that means Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and If I’m pumped enough…Friday.    A good solid step forward.


To get meditation to a daily practice, I’m  actually pecking through a few suggested books…I’ll keep you posted on progress or any jewels of wisdom I’m able to mine out of the publication. Baby steps in the right direction. 







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Starting weight…Again

As I weighed in for my RE-START I find that I am back to the starting line again: 213 lbs.


Me Today! 213 lbs.

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I’m starting again!

I did not meet my goal back in September.   I was to lose 50 p0unds by September 13…I did not do that!   I was off to the races…lost 13 pounds without being militant or obsessive….I even went on vacation to Maine ( around the date of my last post in Late July)….I hiked, boated, had an amazing time….I even ate 9 lobsters dripping in butter and didn’t gain a pound.  So I think I got a bit jaded…lazy even.  Then my goal date came  and went…. I avoided the reality that I’d quit trying.

I’m not unhappy…not even feeling like a loser ( something the “old me” would feel for sure).  So this tells me a few things.  I’ve learned to ignore and “unfriend” the mean girl talking to me in my head…That is a nod to one of my favorite influences in the weight loss blogosphere: Roni Noone.  Roni talks about the mean girl in her head.  That reference really resonated with me….so I have  tuned the mean girl out.    I guess I’m older, (I turned 49 a week before not meeting my goal), I’m wiser, and I do have great self worth.   And I know that  I deserve to feel a bit healthier …so I need to get on with the journey. It’s that simple.


So after a  few months of doing nothing to achieve weight loss, I’m  back to my original starting weight…(I’ll be posting my weight weekly ..just like before on my Weight Log) .

I’ve decided to GET BACK ON THE HORSE!!!white horse


I’ll blog each week with an update.

I’ll limit my “must have” goals that include every part of my life…too much is just too hard…I preached about not being “all or nothing”…the words came out of my mouth…but I still demanded too many achievements to be met….it’s too hard. ( see my new and improved practical goal list on my goals page)

I’ll truly work at daily mediation as I know that is a very important factor for me if I want to achieve this weight loss goal. Meditation is imperative for me.

I’ll continue the things that I know have improved my outlook and my life and will do my best to share them.


I will not shred myself for not “doing it all or being it all”.

I will not give up


I'm ok that It is the second time...what is the alternative???

I’m ok that it is the second time…what is the alternative???

SO…Ill weigh myself again. and post it.

I’ll update my “food” page with things that I’ve enjoyed and that I think will assist in my meeting the goal of  losing 50 in 120!

I’ll begin my regular workouts at Crossfit..this Monday.

I’ll share it all and meet my goal.



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