I’m not unhappy. Really I have a great life. With so many people with much more pressing problems….I cant say I am worried, or depressed…How dare I even elude to such a thing actually! I simply want to be a better or best ME. Ugh! I know how trite that sounds. But truly that’s it. I find myself always thinking….Shoot>> why don’t I just do that?! Why don’t I get that done? Why did I eat that food that makes me feel like crap?! Why? Why? Why? I’m kind of tired of it.

SO many things would flow more smoothly if I made myself more organized, rested and 50 pounds lighter! It’s all really quite connected!! And I don’t have ANY hurdles to speak of except for myself. So I figured….maybe I need to say it all out loud. I need to tell everyone that I’m doing this..

The journey begins...I know kind of an obvious visual...sorry.

The journey begins…I know kind of an obvious visual…sorry.


2 Responses to WHY

  1. Sara Showalter says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say I think you hit the nail on the head for a lot of people. My life is going pretty good but I need to lose about 50 lbs as well. It’s always nice to know there is people out there fighting for it on their own. I will be following your journey and gaining some inspiration along the way. Thanks for blogging!

    • nancy50in120 says:

      Hey Awesome Sara! THANK YOU! Im so happy you commented. I’m never sure if there are people in the same boat reading this. Your comment is sooo helpful. And you are right! It doesn’t have to be a big disaster..rock bottom event to make this happen! . You can do it.

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