Im not stuck …yet….Week 9


I am 25% in and half way to my goal. But this journey has still been so good for me.  This week has been a bit crazy.  But good.  I’ve not met every single goal and task on my to do list. But lots of small steps that seem to make this evolution feel like a real change…like cooking new things  for my little girl have made it a fun week!

photo 3 Stuffed sweet potatoes

photo 2

Skinny Shepard’s Pie made with vegetables and mashed cauliflower

photo 1

The Killer Veggie Frittata ( all from Bob Harpers Skinny Meals Cookbook)

I am a bit behind on the posting.  Actually without sounding like a whiner…I’ve just been buried with getting my work load at the office up to speed so  can enjoy two weeks in Maine,  we leave in two days woo and hoo! Lots of hiking and lobster ahead of us!

Usually the stress of not being at 100% on all goals and really, really tough on my brain, my confidence, my sleep and my health! And admittedly I have run into that stuff this past week. A few stressful things at work put me on edge and then the whole..getting ready to be gone for two weeks started making me get a bit crazy. But Geez What a tough problem! Right?  I need to stop sounding so wounded and burdened!  I mean I’m going on a vacation with my family.!! SO, so what if I did eat stuff I shouldn’t have.   ( I am a true believer in stress eating….that’s me)  I’ll eat to get that immediate satisfaction.. I’m learning to curb it.  This resulted week no real weight loss…although I did land under 200 lbs!


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Produce Outstanding Results.

jumpig The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.

Anthony Robbins

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Half way in…… but not half way there….


So I’m eight weeks in – which is pretty close to half way through my proclaimed goal of 120 days! And I’m no where near 1/2 way to the goal!!!!! I’ve only lose about 11 pounds. I should be down close to 24 pounds  by now. I’m not going to quit or throw  a tantrum.  I just ran through about a hundred tweets looking for one I saw a few days ago….about good vs. bad goals.   I don’t think my goal is bad.  So many pounds in so many days…I’ll stick to it. But it is a good point to reassess the grave importance I put on that number.

Again, fro some unexplainable reason, I’m still quite confident I’ll  get there. But this tweet that I saw got me thinking about how much importance I’d put on that  single outcome.  For instance – I really do want to lose that 50 pounds…but even though I only lost  one pound-ish this week….  my clothes are getting loose.  I’ve had more than one person say “Hey you are really dropping some weight”…So I know that even though the scale is a good guide and darn it…I want to hit that goal number…the fact that the fit of my clothing and the image looking back at me in the mirror is improving as far as I’m concerned…is a really positive result for this week.

Meditation…I need to stop and do it EVERY day again…have not done that for a few weeks. I’ve not jumped back into that book with any commitment either – “Where ever You Go There You Are”. but it’s on my bed stand.

Organization – small steps in all areas…I’m satisfied.

Eating – Maybe this is why I am not too freaked out about  my lack of weight loss these past few weeks.  I’ve been pretty easy going in this area.  Although I actually did prepare and  eat several of Bob Harper’s  recipes ( YUMMY) …..I did pack in several treats.  NOTE: Stay away from the dark chocolate covered raisins at Trader Joes…Big Mistake to try them!!!  This week, I’m committing to at least one green shake a day and one Bob Harper Skinny Meal recipe a day…let’s see what that gets me.

Exercise – Cross Fit and Swimming.

Flame – Yes I did keep one lit…all-in-all likely a votive candle sized flame – but a flicker all the same.  You know I think what keeps me positive through these lack luster weeks is the #wycwyc mantra from Roni Noone.  I love her.  She is not militant and she is not whiney. She is just real. WHAT YOU CAN WHEN YOU CAN.

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I gotta say….a pretty good few days

So per my recent proclamation that I needed to keep a small smoldering flame burning where I can feel it…..I’ve actually had a very positive few days!

Super workout at Cross Fit…..WOD on Monday was great!

I’ve eaten healthy…trying new Bob Harper Skinny Meals recipes.

And I’ve been in “the Zone” with time management – moving through my stress  – just production.

For those who share my interest and use of the metaphysical …I did hold onto a huge chunk of carnelian for the past two days at work.  I’ve had clarity and focus….don’t really care if you all believe me or not.  But I felt a calming energy.




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OK a small flame…is likely necessary!


Is this really LUCKY week number 7?   I guess it all depends how I choose to look at it.   With all of my talk about not letting things stress me and “surfing on the waves” that get served up to me,   I think I may have allowed myself to believe that is would just “happen”.  In many ways I still think it’s  kind a’ true!……. you know….. if you can picture it or imagine it…you are half way there?  Well this is all good.  But I only lost 1.1 pounds this week. So, I need to light a small consistently burning small fire under my ass.

fire isolated over black background

This is really on all fronts. My original goals as stated on my Goals Page not only talked about the weight loss,   but how it is tied into all of the things in my daily life …remember ?? Organization and simplification and better time management.   Well, it is summer time.  I’m enjoying my summer with my family so much…my business has not been this busy and positive in years!  I feel great!  But when I stop and assess my progress on my original wish list.  I’m falling short.  And frankly I feel it …usually on a Sunday evening when I look around and realize..  “Hmmm!  I should have done that this  week end”…I should have gotten out of bed a few hours earlier and done that!

So I’ve added  a few “must do” for the next few weeks.


The Exercise Page will have updates of what I take on.  I plan on really sticking to Cross Fit schedule ( the WODs are listed on  and adding a bit to it each day!  Like 1,000 extra meters on the rowing machine…an extra group of reps on a handful of extra strength training moves.

I’ve chosen a weeks worth of recipes from Bob Harpers Skinny Meals cookbook.  I’ll make them….I’ll eat them.

I’ll put on my fins and work out in the pool.   This is how I will lose 50 in 120 days!


I’ll go back to my second week and STICK to my plan to Plan.


On the home front.  I counted 71 drawers, cabinets, bins, boxes or closets that need to be purged.  Some may take 10minutes some 2 hours.   Ill need get to at least one a day.  I HAVE to do this.  I WANT to do this.










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No quitting this time…

dont quite

“I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.”
Neila Rey


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As some of you may recall…two weeks ago we had issues with our little mouse Bartram. We are sad to report that Bartram the mouse passed away  at her home in Sarasota, Fl. Her long time companion Lola the mouse was by her side. Bartram’s caregiver Claire is taking it hard but her happy memories of times past with her little friend  ‘Barty’  will likely serve as a comfort in this difficult time. Please send no flowers just well wishes. Thank you all for you support over the past few days as we all hoped Barty would spring back. But at 14 months we believe she lived a full life.


bartram close

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“True discipline is really just self-remembering; no forcing or fighting is necessary.”
Charles Eisenstein,

Yoga of Eating: Transending Diets & Dogma to Nourish the Natural Self

food yoga I liked this quote…so I ordered the book.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Im BACK! WEEKS 5-6!!!!


5 AND 6

I am sorry that I have been absent!   I went to New York for business and then my husband and daughter joined me for a full, fun two day vacation in the city.  I had a blast!!

new york

The week of work was a trade show that kept me on my feet…and I walked everywhere as one does in the city.  I didn’t weigh-in…no scale in my hotel room! I didn’t  log my calories. I ate a lot of what I wanted and hoped that the walking would balance me!

I personally equate NY food with great Italian Food.  I know, I know that is kind of boring to some.  But it is what it is to me…I always look for the Italian food when I’m there. .

I found some great little had the best Eggplant Rollatini I’d ever had…that was at a teeny tiny place called Carbone …in the 38th and 7-8th area of mid town.  My friend Yvette and I jumped into this 10 foot wide , brick walled restaurant…out of a down pour on Friday night. Super service and great food.

With business associates we were invited to Becco on Restaurant Row.  Apparently has a reputation…I hadn’t heard of it.  But it was a fantastic experience!

And of course there is the PIZZA. Again. I KNOW, kind of trite. But my gosh the best pizza I’ve ever eaten ( and my husband and eight year old agreed)…. at Angelo’s on 57th…soooo crispy, freshest of ingredients, amazing homemade mozzarella…incredible. Truly the best pizza any of us had ever had! pizza

So in two days of vacation time, tacked on to the end of a long week of work…I had a perfect vacation with my family.  We ran all over the city, hitting things on my eight years old’s “list”, including top of Empire State building at Midnight one night, we had gelato in Little Italy, we visited FAO Schwartz, Time Square, Staten Island Ferry at sunset to see Lady Liberty, NY Public Library and Central Park Zoo. All this is two 1/2 days and managed a subway ride to Brooklyn  to have dinner and catch-up with old friends.

 As far as weight loss goes.. (as far away from my mind as it was)…all in all, I felt great going into my trip 10 pounds down….not thinking or worrying.  No more “all or nothing about my ‘self inflicted projects'”.  I enjoyed and didn’t worry.

But upon my return…I did have a bit of an organizational tailspin with all I needed to catch up on…..but I survived…I meditated…I utilized the knowledge and experience I’d gained  from using the attributes of my stones and crystals in this area and I really felt a calming influence. However,  I have not made it to the gym in a solid 2 weeks. Yikes!  I will pay for this tomorrow and the following days as I throw myself back into the Cross Fit workouts.  They work…but you have to actually show up!

And today..the offical day for my Week 6 weigh in…and I weighed in at 202.6.  SO This does means that I am behind for my goal… I didn’t gain any pounds…..but I certainly didn’t  lose! My goal was set at 195 for this week. SO THIS MEANS I have  a bigger goal than usual in the next two weeks.   I’m not going to lose 10 pounds in a week.  I know this…But I can focus my energy and just get back on the track.

What I won’t do is punish myself for enjoying a fantastic time in NYC …This is the change in behavior that I need to adhere to.  The weight loss of 50 pounds in 120 days is ultimately my goal..but not leaving it all and walking away from the challenge because I’m not 100% on track is the bigger lesson.

I’m on it!  Also – I did get Bob Harper’s new cook book: SKINNY MEALS: Everything You Need to Lose Weight Fast.   I know so much of it is common sense…..but all in all he offers very organized tasks and recipes for clean eating.  I’m going to try several of his recipes.  I’ll let you know!

Thank you for your support.  Sorry I went dark for almost 2 weeks.   This week is a big one for me……I need to swing the lose meter back to the downward position.  I’ll do it.  I know I will.

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MY “4 WEEKS-IN PHOTO”……………..I’m 10 pounds lighter

I know at my size, 10 pounds lost doesn’t necessarily show.

But I’m feelin’ it and I’m  happy today!

 Here is my latest photo!

Week 4 10 lbs. lost June 15 2014

Week 4
10 lbs. lost
June 15 2014

Next to my “BEFORE” shot  posted on May 18…(that was Day 1 of this journey)…on the  “TO START” page…I see a difference.

I see someone that is way more confident in today’s shot! 


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