I’m starting again!

I did not meet my goal back in September.   I was to lose 50 p0unds by September 13…I did not do that!   I was off to the races…lost 13 pounds without being militant or obsessive….I even went on vacation to Maine ( around the date of my last post in Late July)….I hiked, boated, had an amazing time….I even ate 9 lobsters dripping in butter and didn’t gain a pound.  So I think I got a bit jaded…lazy even.  Then my goal date came  and went…. I avoided the reality that I’d quit trying.

I’m not unhappy…not even feeling like a loser ( something the “old me” would feel for sure).  So this tells me a few things.  I’ve learned to ignore and “unfriend” the mean girl talking to me in my head…That is a nod to one of my favorite influences in the weight loss blogosphere: Roni Noone.  Roni talks about the mean girl in her head.  That reference really resonated with me….so I have  tuned the mean girl out.    I guess I’m older, (I turned 49 a week before not meeting my goal), I’m wiser, and I do have great self worth.   And I know that  I deserve to feel a bit healthier …so I need to get on with the journey. It’s that simple.


So after a  few months of doing nothing to achieve weight loss, I’m  back to my original starting weight…(I’ll be posting my weight weekly ..just like before on my Weight Log) .

I’ve decided to GET BACK ON THE HORSE!!!white horse


I’ll blog each week with an update.

I’ll limit my “must have” goals that include every part of my life…too much is just too hard…I preached about not being “all or nothing”…the words came out of my mouth…but I still demanded too many achievements to be met….it’s too hard. ( see my new and improved practical goal list on my goals page)

I’ll truly work at daily mediation as I know that is a very important factor for me if I want to achieve this weight loss goal. Meditation is imperative for me.

I’ll continue the things that I know have improved my outlook and my life and will do my best to share them.


I will not shred myself for not “doing it all or being it all”.

I will not give up


I'm ok that It is the second time...what is the alternative???

I’m ok that it is the second time…what is the alternative???

SO…Ill weigh myself again. and post it.

I’ll update my “food” page with things that I’ve enjoyed and that I think will assist in my meeting the goal of  losing 50 in 120!

I’ll begin my regular workouts at Crossfit..this Monday.

I’ll share it all and meet my goal.




About nancy50in120

I'm 48, I own my own businesses, I have a daughter and a fantastic husband. My current goal: I want to lose 50 pounds in 120 days..and in the process find a path to less stress and more daily organization...And?
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