Week Three………………….. Another 2 pounds.



WEEK THREE.  I weighed in with a loss of exactly 2 pounds!  I must admit I was a bit lack luster with the exercise and pushed it with the food this week, yet I still managed to lose.  So this tells me one thing: IT IS THE MATH!  I stayed pretty close on calories…and I lost 2 pounds.  Imagine if I’d actually really tried.  I mean I only worked out twice. I realized on Monday after puking at the gym that I was not quite recovered from my cold.  But anyway.    As you can see on my food for this week…I was not entirely health conscious either …although I  tried to stay within a reasonable calorie count.

This lack luster week has actually truly inspired me because IT WORKS!!   I need to really push it now to stay on track….. now knowing that 3+ pounds lost per week is actually quite possible once I put my mind to it.    Who knew right???? Ha ha a bit of sarcasm.  I know we’ve been told for years its about the “calories in and calories burned”…And I’m living it.  So I can have whatever I want…just watch the total calories. I don’t really need to eliminate anything if I don’t want to.  I just need to pay attention.

So for an example…..I just want to mention a quick  food thing:

This week I went to lunch at one of our  favorite breakfast/lunch places: First Watch.  It’s a regional chain and offers lots of fairly healthy and yummy options.  Well, I’ve always ordered their Veggie Burger ( it is a good one made with brown rice, carrots and red peppers) served on a grilled WW bun and a side of Sante Fe sauce.  Well the sauce is an issue!   I took advantage of the First Watch website and I logged on and looked up the nutritional content  of what I was ordering…..the Sante Fe sauce has 22 grams of fat and 220 calories…this is a tiny ramekin of sauce!!!!!!  So I eliminated the sauce and still had one of my favorite lunches!

My point is:  A tiny effort, like eliminating the sauce, makes a big difference and allows you to feel like you are not giving up favorites forever…it’s  just helping you adjust a little so you can lose weight and not feel completely deprived.

On the other side of my weight loss effort…the meditation and my overall organization goals:  Just a few points.


I was drowning bit at work…trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning and feeling  unprepared each day for the giant task-list that I give myself each morning. Although  I seem to have mastered not stressing about it…breathing and trying not to freak out because my list seems to grow and not shrink through some days at the office…it didn’t help me with time management.  So this week I am employing some nightly homework of setting my entire work/personal schedule in detail the night before.  I figured 20 minutes before I go to bed is worth the payoff of starting out the day without feeling overwhelmed.


I did get the book Wherever You Go There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  It is a pragmatic approach to mediation and cultivating the ability to be “in the moment” and not waste your days and years away by worrying and stressing about yesterday or tomorrow. I like his conversational style.  I’ve just started it.  So Ill keep you posted.

Lastly,  if any of you are into the metaphysical and the attributes and healing powers of crystals and stones:  I have been “into it” for the past year or so, and as I learn more, and use stones and crystals in my everyday life,  I am enjoying the benefits.  I’ve been adding to my collection and carrying them and putting them near by bed and on my desk.  I feel a profound difference.

The Selenite brings a very happy and positive feel to the room. It ensures a peaceful environment and will calm you while lifting your spirits in a positive way.



The Labradorite assists in self discovery. It is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit and intuition.  It is said that Labradorite is  the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom and protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world.




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I'm 48, I own my own businesses, I have a daughter and a fantastic husband. My current goal: I want to lose 50 pounds in 120 days..and in the process find a path to less stress and more daily organization...And?
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