HOW DO YOU CLIMB A MOUNTIAN….you don’t always have to bring cookies

One step ata time  Five whole days in and I’m actually not doing so bad.  Not a fire cracker start  by any means.   But the “all or nothing approach” to just about every personal challenge in any part of my life usually ends in self loathing and disappointment followed by a pint of nutty, chocolaty ice cream and a sleeve of some sort of imported butter cookie.

So I opted against that strategy this time:

This time:

I tried to start each morning with a brief meditation and a few cleansing breaths,  asking my spiritual guides or whoever is listening up there… assist me in making good decisions and being productive and being happy and healthy that day.

I made a few small changes in start-of-the-day intake…namely, no more cream and sugar in my  coffee…or I had  yummy strong hot tea with honey.

I added sliced citrus or berries to the water I planned to sip all day ( I tried for about 2-3 quarts during the day) I saw some great infused water ideas I think Ill try to  keep things fresh :

I made it to the gym twice ( My goal is 5 days a week) See my EXERCISE Page added tonight.

I consistently used my LoseIt! App for tracking calories.  I know… I know…it  sounds like too much work. But this app is truly easy and  fantastic and very effective in creating awareness about how ever bite literally counts.  The empty calories really add up! Ill be adding a “Food Journal Page” this weekend, because this app allows me to email a report daily or weekly.  As geeky and way too detailed as that sounds…I’m finding the details to be helpful.  A quick look shows me that I may be eating the right number of calories, but I need to cut down on fat grams…stuff like that. Using this tool makes me feel like I am doing it differently this time.  It keeps me positive.

I ate healthier and lower calorie foods.

I tried to implement some  new time management and organizing steps in my work and home life.  (so many projects that I want to,  or need to start).  That’s a whole other source of tension Ill tackle as I slide into some sense of success with the weight loss.  Truly day by day is the only way.

I posted my BEFORE PICTURE on the START page. I am truly astounded that this is me.  That is what I look like to others.  I mean I’ve never been this big.

This project  is going  to save me.









About nancy50in120

I'm 48, I own my own businesses, I have a daughter and a fantastic husband. My current goal: I want to lose 50 pounds in 120 days..and in the process find a path to less stress and more daily organization...And?
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